Winthrop, Maine 1-800-273-5200


Online (ZOOM) Teen Group (ages 11-17) 

Last Friday of each Month 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Contact: or 1-800-273-5200
NEW to Group: Contact ASM information on participation
Group Criteria

Parent/Guardian Group:

While the youth are attending their group, Cathy Dionne will hold a parent/guardian group via GoTo Meeting to talk about the “Need to Know” information about Health Care, Education System, Laws & Legislation changes, and much more, parents may attend by phone or video. She will provide parents with information that every parent should know to help them navigate our systems.  If you are interested in this group please email Cathy at to receive the meeting info and link.


Young Adult Social Group (ages 17-22) 

Second Monday of each Month 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Location: Until a permanent location in Southwestern Maine has been found please email for location meeting place.
NEW to Group: Please email   
Group Criteria 


Our Teen Groups are designed to address the many social issues faced by youth and young adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Areas that we focus on include: improving youth’s sense of belonging and ownership, providing an environment for youth to learn and apply essential social skills through group activities like playing games or creating games, providing youth with a safe and supportive environment in which they can interact with other youth that have similar challenges. 

If groups are held online, emails will be sent to teens/parents 1 week prior to the group date with the Zoom Meeting info and link. We will also let the teens know what the group will be doing during that time, so they can decide if they would like to participate. It is not mandatory to attend each group, we understand if a teen wants to opt out of an activity, they can just join the following month.


Teen Social Group Photos