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Autism Society of Maine's Annual Family Retreat

2020 Family Retreat has been cancelled due to COVID-19

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Family Retreat Brochure

The Family Retreat is a fun-filled weekend for the whole family with many activities planned for the children as well as for the parents! A place where you don't have to explain why their child doesn't talk, can't wait in line, or has temper-tantrums. No one stares at you or wonders what's wrong with your child. Our weekend is a place where families come together to laugh and cry. Each year the retreat has a theme. Past year's themes have been, pirates, cowboys, down on the farm and animals. The theme for 2019 was "Superheros"

Children will rotate in groups between: Swimming, crafts, outdoor play, indoor rock climbing and much more! Our nursery is for children under 5 years old and includes fun activities developed for this age group.

Parents and caregivers will have the option to attend presentations and activities:
Presentations - to be announced
Canoeing / paddle boarding

Family activities:
Outdoor Movie
Family Swim
Stephan-Master of the Senses: Be amazed with Great Stephan and his mind reading and slight of hand!

Families get to stay in dorm rooms with their children. Entertainment is provided for Saturday night. Swimming is available all weekend.
The ASM Family Retreat is a place where everyone not only knows your name, they also know your children.

Registration packet will be available April, 2020
Saturday only option is available

Call ASM: 1-800-273-5200 or email: for more information.

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