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Award nominations are being accepted now thru September 4th. Read More

Resources for both Parents and Educators Read More

The Autism Society of America exists to serve all individuals and families affected by autism, including people of color and other marginalized communities. Read More

COVID Information for Parents, fun activity ideas and crafts to do at home with your children. Read More

Travel plans may be cancelled, but you can still create new experiences at home! Read More

"Coffee with Cathy" ASM & Guests and Archived Videos Read More

“The New Normal” Strategies to Successfully Transition Your Child/Adult Back to School/Work After the COVID-19 Pandemic" Read More

This is the "Go To" page for April Autism Awareness Month! #CelebrateDifferences Read More

A delicious 4-pack meal for a family who have a child with autism or autistic adult. Read More

See the resources we have created for you during COVID -19 Read More

We are communicating with local officials and reputable health organizations to share information and guidance. In addition, we will be monitoring and make changes accordingly to any of our April eve Read More

ASM can come to your school, and present to your class the “Kit for Kids” program that teaches kids about autism. Read More

Resources geared towards winter fitness, activities and goal setting for individuals with autism. Read More

Grant/Scholarship Opportunities Read More

ASM has compiled links to some very helpful tips talking to children about tragedies and the media. Read More

Webinars can be a valuable resource to learn about autism and about specific issues. Links added to the list periodically. Read More

The Autism Society of Maine (ASM) is offering an opportunity to fundraise in a fun way with while promoting Autism Awareness! Read More

Autism Awareness Packet and Resources for Educators. Read More

A Free General Autism Awareness Packet for the Community. Read More

Special Evening with Special People! New Board Members and ASM Award Recipients! Read More

See resources regarding bullying and individuals with special needs. Read More

Information about Guardianship, Special Needs Trust, Letter of Intent, Will & More Read More