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ASM Family Retreat 2018 - Down on the Farm!

Each year ASM provides a Family Retreat to connect families with one another who are going through a shared experience. Families can play and forget for a few days the pressures of daily life and experience the freedom of being themselves and try new things or enjoy old favorites and relax!

Children with autism and their siblings enjoyed new adventures supported by caring respite providers with rock climbing, swimming, petting zoo, bouncy house, outside games, arts & crafts with Tara Perry and Tena Hinds (ASM) and volunteers Sandra and Lydia Merrick. "Down on the Farm" was our theme this year and we had such fun planning and decorating!
While the children were in capable hands, parents were given opportunity to attend presentations that can help support them and their family along with other families facing the same challenges and activities just for the fun:

Heather Sheilds OTR/L, CDRS: Teaching your child with special needs to drive
Miles Hunt, Esq. Epstein & O’Donovan, LLP – Special needs trust
Cathy Dionne, Executive Director, ASM – Support and Resources of ASM
Susan Vincent, ASM, Painting Class
Canoeing and Paddleboarding on Sebago Lake

Family time is very important during this weekend and we really went all out with the “Magic of the Steelgraves” show on Friday night and a dance featuring “8th Street Entertainment” on Saturday night and family swim time.

We are already brainstorming for next year’s theme……

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