Autism Information Specialist Program

Information Specialists provide resource information to parents, guardians, schools, the work place, and the community to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We work one on one to assist families, guardians and Individuals on the Autism Spectrum as they navigate child or adult services. We attend and participate in educational, transitional, and vocational planning meetings. We provide presentations and workshops regarding various topics to agencies and community organizations around the state. Read quotes below from folks who have received services from our AIS Program:

"We had another wonderful learning session. She is a terrific presenter!" (School Administrator)

"A wonderful way of generating ideas that are relevant to the specific person she is speaking of/ for. Very personable, creative and an excellent resource." (Agency Director)

"Provided advice and information while I was trying to figure out how to help my son with some challenging behaviors. Very supportive and helpful." (Parent)

"Thanks to everyone who make these services possible. You provided guidance and reassurance that made it possible for me to do what was necessary to advocate for my child throughout the IEP process." (Parent)

If you feel you would benefit from meeting with an Autism Information Specialist, or would like to learn more about becoming an Autism Information Specialist call the Autism Society of Maine at 1-800-273-5200.

Would you like to become an Information Specialist?

Once or twice a year we hold a 2 day training. Once you have completed the training, you officially join our TEAM of Information Specialists. Pay is based on a "per diem" status and mileage to and from assignments is reimbursed. If you are interested, please call ASM: 1-800-273-5200.
You can download the application that is in (Adobe Acrobat) writeable format to your computer file, fill out, and email to: or mail to: Autism Society of Maine, 72 B Main St., Winthrop, ME 04364.


ASM is proud of its commitment to provide educational information to parents, guardians, individuals with ASD and various agencies, professionals and service providers. Our presentations are specifically designed to respond to the needs of those who request them. The following are some of our most popular presentations and can be delivered to most locations within the state.

AIS Brochure

Kits for Kids

Educators, would you like to have a presentation for your students around differences? Teaching kids about Autism will help them better understand their classmates who might appear odd, or different. The Autism Society of Maine is offering to send an Autism Information Specialist to your school and present to your class, second grade through eighth grade.

There will be a short video, activities for the students and time for discussion. ASM will provide all the materials: How We Fit Together Activity with a box of crayons for each student, interactive activities, What’s Up with Nick book, Activity Booklet for students, Certificate of Friendship and fidget toys.

Presentation time: 30 minutes to 45 minutes

Autism Society of Maine

This presentation introduces the Autism Society of Maine to its participants. You will learn the Grass Roots history, and the many resource, programs, and fundraising events the Autism Society Offers throughout the state.

Presentation time: 1 hour

Autism and Strategies

This presentation will provide participants a basic understanding of Autism along with various strategies one can employ to support behavioral, social, communication, sensory and educational deficits. This presentation also includes a segment on safety.

Presentation time: 2 hours

Navigating the Transition from School to Adult Life

Participants will learn about the transition from school to adult life as it relates to individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Topics to be addressed include: eligibility requirements, assessments and timeframes for accessing services in the areas of post-secondary education, employment, independent living, and guardianship.

Presentation time: 2 hours

Law Enforcement and First Responder Officials and Autism

Federal Law Enforcement Officer Matt Brown, who is also an Autism Information Specialist with ASM, has developed a training program approved by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy for police, fire and EMS on how to recognize Autism and how to appropriately interact with individuals with ASD.

Also visit our Autism and Law Enforcement section for information, tips and tools for dealing with individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Presentation time: 2 hours

Autism Information Specialist Photos