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Back-To-School - COVID-19 Resources

Maine Department of Education COVID-19 Toolkit & Updates

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Ask the Expert - Autism Society Contact Center: IEPs

Back to School Planning: Checklists to Guide Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers

Planning for 504 and IEP Success in a Post-Pandemic World

Maine Parent Federation (MPF) for information about Special Education and IEP Questions. (Maine)

Disability Rights Maine (DRM) for legal questions that you may have. DRM represents children with disabilities who are seeking assistance with obtaining a free and appropriate public education. (Maine)




Online Schools are Here to Stay, Even After the Pandemic

My Back to School Journey During COVID-109 by Diego Peña

Future of School: Hybrid Learning Models are here to Stay post-Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Classrooms: What Will They Look Like and How Will They Be Different?

Wearing a Mask & Social Stories
COVID-19 Social Stories  Autism Society
How can I teach my son to cooperate with wearing a face mask? ASAT
I Can Wear a Mask Social Story by Autism Research Institute
Helping a Child with Autism Tolerate a Mask by The Mighty
Top 5 Parent Concerns About Kids Wearing Masks by Psychology Today
Autism and Fear of Wearing Masks by Linda Hodgdon; Visual Strategies for Autism
Wearing a Mask Story for Children by Autism Little Learners
Wearing a Mask Social Story by ASERT
Teach Children how to Wear a Mask (video) by Brody the Lion
We Wear Masks (video) by Mr. Mike
Covid-19 Social Story  Noodle Nook
Back to Social Stories Related to COVID  Autism Little Learners



The New Normal” Strategies to Successfully Transition Your Child/Adult Back to School/Work After the COVID-19 Pandemic.
by James Ball, Ed. D., B.C.B.A.-D. and Kristie Brown-Lofland, M.S., CCC-A , Autism Society of Indiana 

Recorded Webinars: "Coffee with Cathy" Series
Cathy Dionne, ASM Executive Director & Guests