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Cathy Dionne, ASM Executive Director and Guests

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April 3 - Jennifer Brooking - A mom supporting three children with various needs including autism.  We will talk about what it is like with three children home and trying to continue meeting their needs. Video

April 8  James Ball, Ed, D., BCBA-D & Kristie Brown Lofland, M.S., CCC-A. "So your child is home and you are seeing increased behaviors" Discussion: The struggles and behaviors that families may be experiencing while their children are home during this time of COVID-19. Recording

April 10 - Dr. Nancy Ponzetti-Dyer (retired child psychologist) – address the anxiety of being home with your child(ren) and what that may look like and what could help. Video

April 17 - Caryn Husman MS, OTR/L – Will address what parents can do at home with their children and meeting their occupational therapy needs. Video

April 24 - Carrie Woodcock Executive Director of Maine Parent Federation – Both Carrie and Cathy have a child(ren) with special needs and how this new environment of being home effects  their learning, social, and home life. Video

May 1 - Nancy Cronin Executive Director of Maine Developmental Disabilities Council - will discuss adults with ID/DD and group home settings and the difficulties they face. Video

May 8 - Ben Jones Attorney with Disability Rights Maine - Topic: will be families and their rights with IEP’s during COVID 19, What does ESY services look like during COVID 19 and What can parents do if their school is not reaching out to them or the student. Video

May 15 - Join Dr. James Ball & Cathy Dionne, ASM as they discuss and answer your questions regarding the topic of re-entering school in the fall, some of the challenges families may face, strategies and plans to help families and children prepare. 
Recording   Transition Workbook

May 29 - Kristie Brown Lofland, Autism/Educational Consultant – Ms. Brown Lofland has a background in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  We will address how pictures and social stories can be used in many different formats and talk about the PECS (picture exchange communication system) program. Video

June 12 - Dr. Kerry Magro is an award-winning professional speaker and best-selling author who's on the autism spectrum. We will discuss the struggles for adults and the quarantine - change in routine, unemployment, isolation and more. REGISTER