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Supporting Community Relationships, Valued Roles & Belonging


(Source) Office of Aging and Disability Services:

In fully inclusive communities, individuals with a disability label experience friendships and relationships with a wide variety of people and have valued social roles as community citizens. At the same time, community members have the opportunity to know, befriend, include, and value those who might otherwise be separated or marginalized. While many people agree with these values and the goal of full community participation, many agencies and staff struggle with “how to” support meaningful relationships with community members.

A series of two-hour workshops will present stories, examples, and successful strategies learned in various projects across the country designed to support people with a disability label to have more friendships with all citizens, be more fully part of their communities, and expand the number and types of valued social roles they experience.   Lessons learned with a wide variety of agencies, with people with a wide range of types of disabilities, will be presented in this on-line series.

These sessions are particularly designed for agencies providing community support, but the ideas presented will also be useful for residential support agencies, families, case managers, and others interested. All are welcome.

These sessions will incorporate and build upon the material in the two “Friends” manuals and Friends Activity Worksheets ( and which are free and down-loadable. Participants will have actual and specific practice applying the material directly with people they support.

Please join us for the series of two-hour sessions for various audiences and a Family focused session.

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