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Confidently Parenting & Teaching Children - November 18, 2020

"Confidently Parenting & Teaching Children with Autism in This Strangely Uncertain World"

Parents, have you ever felt confused, unsure or just plain exhausted trying to deal with Autism parenting challenges
. . especially during Covid19? Or if you’re a professional, has this pandemic created difficult days trying to serve your students?

Join Cathy, Executive Director, ASM & Linda Hodgdon & Speech Pathologist & Autism Consultant, on Wednesday, Nov. 18th at 3:00pm for a live webinar!

Door Prizes!!
All registrants will be entered into a drawing to win one of Linda’s books. Visual Strategies for Improving Communication or Solving Behavior Problems in Autism.

Linda Hodgdon, Speech Pathologist & Autism Consultant, will share effective strategies that really work for avoiding difficult situations during these unusual times for children with autism. You’ll gain confidence when you use Linda’s “Magic” visual strategies. In this program, she’ll share 3 favorites (and they might be different from what you think!)

Linda Hodgdon is a Speech Pathologist and Autism Consultant who has been supporting students on the Autism Spectrum, their educators and families for more than 40 years. She is known as a pioneer in developing the use of visual strategies for students with autism and those with related special learning needs. Linda has traveled over a million miles around the world sharing her communication strategies with those who manage autism learning needs. Her popular newsletters, award-winning books and training programs have reached many hundreds of thousands of educators and parents around the world. 

Linda’s book Visual Strategies for Improving Communication helps you know what visual strategies are and how to use them. Her book Solving Behavior Problems in Autism offers practical solutions for common autism challenges using visual supports. Linda shares easy-to-use but very effective strategies to help students on the autism spectrum to participate in a positive way both at school and home. Her visual strategies work for all ages. Linda has a passion for working with parents and educators to take the mystery out of autism and help them discover exactly what students need to gain success in their life opportunities.

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