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"New Normal" Complete Workbook

“The New Normal” Strategies to Successfully Transition Your Child/Adult Back to School/Work After the COVID-19 Pandemic"
by James Ball, Ed. D., B.C.B.A.-D. President/CEO JB Autism Consulting and Kristie Brown-Lofland, M.S., CCC-A Educational Consultant KBL Consulting 

Introduction: We have arrived to a new normal - life after COVID-19. How do we help those with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and those on the autism spectrum return to school or adult services? It has been a long haul at home! Both the children and the adults are used to the home environment and routines. Some students have been out of their school/adult program since March. It is now time to go back to the normal school/work routine, but what does that “normal” mean? Schedules are different, structure is not the same and learning has been interrupted, yet hopefully maintained. How do parents prepare their child to transition back to school? How do we get started? This workbook will give you strategies that you should be putting in place prior to your child going back to school or to their adult services placement. Each strategy will be explored in depth with examples to follow so that you and your child will be prepared for a successful first day when returning to school or adult program. Let us get started!

Complete Workbook

Chapter #1 - Schedules
Chapter #2 - Social Narratives
Chapter #3 - Video Modeling
Chapter #4 - Repetition
Chapter #5 - Save Place / Person in School
Chapter #6 -  Chaining
Chapter #7 - Video Meeting with School
Chapter #8 - Reinforcement / Motivational System
Chapter #9 - Anticipate their Sensory Needs and be Prepared
Chapter #10 - Establish Routines in Advance