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ASM April Updates!

We hope you and your family are well. We want you to know that ASM is here for you and still providing resources and guidance. While working a little differently and getting really creative, we are determined as ever to be of service! We are so inspired by you, and everyone home with their families during this difficult time and managing. You are all amazing! Autism Society of Maine

Family Information Page

ASM has created a one-stop, digital resource that aims to meet the needs for families, caregivers, and the community by offering resource links regarding COVID-19 and for being home with our children and families during this time. The web page is updated frequently so keep coming back!
We are grateful for the contribution of the autism community, organizations and online resources that shared these very helpful lists of tips & strategies, learning opportunities, games, crafts, and much more for everyone to explore. 

"So your child is home and you are seeing increased behaviors"
Cathy Dionne, Executive Director, ASM, James Ball Ed,D., BCBA-D and Kristie Brown Lofland, M.S., CCC-A Discussion: The struggles and behaviors that families may be experiencing while their children are home during this time. Jim will offer some solutions and techniques that may help to ease these stressful times.
This webinar took place on April 8th - Recorded Video Available Here

"Coffee & Conversation with Cathy"
A Weekly livestream talk on facebook with Cathy Dionne, Executive Director on Friday's at 2:00 to 3:00pm. We encourage comments to let her know how you and your family are coping during this difficult time and she will offer guidance and try to answer your questions.
Special Guest: Special Guest: Caryn Husman MS, OTR/L – Will address what parents can do at home with their children and meeting their occupational therapy needs.
Just visit the ASM Facebook page at 2:00pm on Friday and you will see the video playing (no need to click any registration buttons)
Facebook livestream videos will be recorded for continued viewing on ASM's Youtube Channel.



ASM is offering to provide pictures that can be customized to your needs. These pictures may be helpful visual and communication tool for schedules and activities.(Boardmaker is a trusted tool for parents, teachers and therapists to create symbol-adapted accessible curriculum materials for students.)
Please contact ASM if you would like us to create a customized / laminated 8 x11 color page of various pictures/symbols:
Listen to this amazing stories of autism acceptance and see each page turned with Tara Perry, ASM Staff.
Visit ASM's Youtube Playlist: Children's Autism Book Videos

More book videos added each week! Come back!

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