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COVID - 19 Resources


Vaccine Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Statement  Autism Society of America
Vaccination Sites in Maine
CDC COVID-19  Guidance & Latest Updates
CDC COVID-19   Materials for People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities & Care Providers
Maine Center for Disease Control Prevention  Maine DHHS


Support Groups 

Support Group Page  Autism Society of Maine
Peer Support Text Line  NAMI Maine: Peer support text line (207) 515-8398 (14-20 yrs) staffed by individuals under 23 yrs. 



COVID-19 Toolkits by Topic  Autism Society of America
Education During COVID-19  Autism Society of Maine
211 Maine Assistance and Resources  Food, housing, heating, etc.
Mental Health  Autism Society of America

Social Stories and Fact Sheets
Vaccine Social Stories  Autism Society of America
Vaccine Fact Sheet & Social Story  Rutgers Medical School
Social Stories, Tips, & Information  National Autism Association
COVID-19 Facts / Information By and For People with Disabilities  Green Mountain Self-Advocates

Wearing a Mask
Autism & Fear of Wearing Masks  Linda Hodgdon; Visual Strategies for Autism
Teach Children how to Wear a Mask  (video) by Brody the Lion
Wearing a Mask Story for Children   Autism Little Learners

Video Series
COVID-19 Video Series  Autism Society of America
COVID-19 Video Series  Autism Society of Maine

Helpful Tips & Strategies
Coping with COVID 10; List of Resources  Association for Science in Autism Treatment
Tips to Help Autistic Kids Cope During the Coronavirus Quarantine  Temple Grandin
Supporting Parents During COVID-19  Child Mind Institute
Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times  AFIRM 
How to talk to Children about the Coronavirus  Child Mind Institute
Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19  Centers for Disease and Prevention
5 Things To Know About CoronaVirus and People With Disabilities  Forbes


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