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ASM's Annual Awards and Membership Banquet

ASM’s Annual Awards & Membership Banquet was held on Friday, October 4th, at the Augusta Country Club in Manchester

Following a buffet dinner, Nancy Ponzietti-Dyer, ASM President, led the meeting and recognized the efforts of our amazing Board of Directors and welcomed new board members into our fold; their input and experience will help to further our mission to provide education and resources to support the valued lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Cathy Dionne, Executive Director brought us through the year of amazing accomplishments with autism programs and fundraising efforts by ASM and others throughout the year.

Special Guest Presenter: Connor Archer, Executive Director of “The Courageous Steps Project,” a non-profit organization that strives to help children and young adults with developmental challenges.

New Board Members:

Joshua Nash, (Camden National Bank, Senior Vice President) and Bobbi-Jo Boisvert (TD Bank).

Sherry Pike (Winthrop Grade School Teacher) was re-elected.

Departing Board Member: Katie Crowley has been a board member since 2013. We acknowleged with apppreciation her dedication and contributions that have made a positive impact for ASM.

Awards given to special individuals nominated for their outstanding achievements and contributions to benefit the autism community:


TD Bank: For outstanding commitment to communities and employees touched by autism.

TD Bank and employees have gone above and beyond with being part of local communities through their volunteering, and continuing efforts to reach out to better understand autism.

(Allen Morales, Jr., Product Specialist, receives award on behalf of TD Bank)



Senator Shenna Bellows for her outstanding professional contribution to the autism community.

Senator Bellows has supported autism related legislation and collaborated with ASM to develop four videos as a resource to help the community contact their elected 

(L: Nancy Ponzietti-Dyer, ASM President & Senator Shenna Bellows)


Jessica Crane for her outstanding commitment to raising acceptance and awareness to benefit individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Jessica has started a non-profit “Outside of the Box” dedicated to educating Mid-Coast Maine and surrounding communities about autism.

(L: Jessica Crane & Tiffiny Rooney, ASM Vice President)