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Medicaid expansion

Please read this forward message by Alison Weiss of Maine Equal Justice:

Dear friends, 

The (very) good news is, Medicaid expansion implementation is finally going to move forward under the new Mills administration.  That's a welcome and long-overdue development for the 70,000+ Mainers who are waiting for care.  

But we have an important message for eligible Mainers that is getting lost in the headlines about the court case and the governor's continued appeals: people need to sign up NOW to preserve their right to care.  That's why we've developed this infographic to help get the word out.  Can you forward this email or share our message on Facebook?  

You can sign up or help a loved one sign up for care right now.  This will help preserve your rights to coverage under the law.  

For full information about applying, appealing, or whether you or someone you love may be eligible, please visit  You can also call us at 1-866-626-7059.  

Thanks for your help,

Alison Weiss
Communications and Campaigns Coordinator
Maine Equal Justice

Our mailing address is:
126 Sewall Street
Augusta, Maine 04330