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Proposed Changes to Mainecare Will have Drastic Effects

The Autism Society of Maine and Autism Society national want to educate you on what the changes in MaineCare (Medicaid) will mean to you and your family. The purpose for this information is to help people with disabilities, their families, and advocates/allies understand the impact of the changes proposed in the AHCA and give them the tools to advocate. This site was developed by Center for Public Representation with facts and figures about individuals who have MaineCare in Maine. 

Please go to the Center for Public Representation's website and review how the proposed changes will impact Maine residents. Here you will also see Maine Representatives contact information.

On June 6 there is a rally in DC, if you can make great, if not DO YOUR PART - call your Representatives and Senator's from Maine. Tell them how you feel and what this will do for your child/adult.

Together we can make a difference.