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General Autism Awareness Packet

Dear Community Member,

The Autism Society began the movement which led to celebrating April as National Autism Awareness Month over 25 years ago. This is a time for families, schools, employees and the community to participate in activities that support and educate about autism.

Together, let us promote autism awareness and acceptance not only in April, but throughout the entire year. The Autism Society of Maine is one of over 100 Autism Society Affiliates across the country and provides education and resources to support the valued lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

Feel free to let us know how you are celebrating April Autism Awareness Month, we would love to hear from you! Send us a photo to share! Email:

General Autism Awareness Packet

Each year the Autism Society of Maine (ASM) provides autism awareness packets during April Awareness Month. These packets are appropriate  for creating a bulletin board that supports children, adults and families impacted by Autism. We want you to know that ASM and in particular our Autism Information Specialists are available to help families at all stages of development, from first receiving the diagnosis through transition to adult services or independent living. There is no charge for these services.

If you would like a General Autism Awareness Packet sent to you, please call ASM: 1-800-273-5200 or Email:

The contents of this Autism Awareness Packet are for sharing or posting on a bulletin board in your community and permission is given to print copies.
If you find that you could use more brochures or informational content sent to you, please call ASM: 1-800-273-5200.

Please use this link to complete a survey  regarding your awareness packet, The survey has only 6 questions and will help us to create awareness packets that may be more useful to you. ASM may follow up with you after Awareness month if we do not receive a response.

ASM Letter to Community Member

The General / Community Autism Awareness Packet includes:

Kid's Autism Brochure 
Autism Spectrum Disorder Brochure
Autism Information Specialist Brochure
First Responders Brochure
Autism Society of Maine Brochure

ASA Autism Poster 8x11

Signs of Autism

This packet will also include:

5 Autism awareness ribbons and information regarding what the puzzle ribbon represents
Upcoming Events with the Autism Society of Maine flyer
ASM Mission Statement
ASA Autism Fact Sheet
How to be a Friend Flyer
Library Books for Children
Puzzle Piece Color Page
"Did You Know?"

Walk for Autism Flyer
Walk for Autism Brochure