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Update on Section 21 Home and Community Benefits

On 1/5/16 DHHS held a public hearing in Augusta on the Section 21 Waiver Renewal proposed rule changes.  These rule changes include funding services based on the Support Intensity Scale (SIS), an assessment that would then determine the financial resources allocated to an individual’s support services---home support, community support and work support.  Many individuals, family members, service providers and ASM members, provided verbal testimony on these proposed changes to how services are delivered to adults with developmental disabilities in Maine.  In addition, there was a press conference where individuals shared their concerns and how it would impact individuals across our state.  Please review the following links for more information…….

DHHS is accepting feedback on the proposed rule changes to Section 21 through midnight on January 15, 2016. 

To review the proposed rules:  Click the link Scroll down to first two boxes, MaineCare Benefits Manual Chapter III section 21 and MaineCare Benefits Manual Chapter 21 Section II. Of each section click onto either “WORD” or “PDF” to fully view and download

Written comments/questions should be directed to:  Andrew Hardy, Comprehensive Health Planner II through email: