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Summer Activities & Water Safety

Autism Society Water Safety Program

The Autism Society of America seeks to develop an adaptive aquatics curriculum that aims to support instructors and the Autism community nationwide. The Autism Society’s water and wandering initiative focuses on proactive programming, prevention, and improved responses to wandering incidents. The water and wandering initiative is a national effort to increase water safety education and training across the Autism community in order to decrease the tragic loss of life caused by water and wandering-related accidents.  This program works to not only prevent wandering-related tragedies but to increase water safety skills among Autistic children, teens, and adults- and those who support them.

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Looking for  information on water safety and preparing your child with Autism for swimming lessons?
Check out our Water Safety Checklist and Water Social Story for tips and guidance.


Summer Activities


National Statement: The Autism Society of America and HollyRod Foundation teamed up to read Holly’s children’s book Charlie Makes A Splash

May 9, 2023, Rockville, MD – The Autism Society of America and the HollyRod Foundation teamed up to read Holly Robinson Peete’s new children’s book Charlie Makes A Splash. This book highlights the wonderful benefits of water along with the undeniable need for services and education in the area of water safety, swimming, and wandering within the Autism community. 

At the Autism Society, we have prioritized the need to connect families to the services and resources to keep members of the Autism community safe. Through our Safety on the Spectrum program, we believe it is important to share the many benefits that water has on someone with Autism while also shedding light on the imperative need for safety surrounding aquatic environments.  

“We chose to highlight the water scenes featured in Charlie Makes A Splash in our social narrative which outlines key water safety rules in aquatic environments,” said Chris Banks, President and CEO of the Autism Society of America. “Through our Water and Wandering Program, we plan to increase water safety education and training across the Autism community to reduce water and wandering-related incidents.” 

Our upcoming Facebook video being published on Monday, May 22nd highlights the importance of water safety within the Autism community. Holly Robinson Peete of the HollyRod Foundation reads her new children’s book Charlie Makes and Splash during this episode. Christopher Banks joins in this discussion and shares water safety resources with viewers and how they can access these materials.