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Here's How Your Donations Make a Difference!

The Autism Society of Maine is busier than ever assisting families, connecting individuals with resources, educating on the importance of retaining funding for vital services, and more!

We ask that you please give to the Autism Society of Maine at this time. With the prevalence of autism continuing to grow in our state and more of our friends, family members and neighbors needing services, your support is more vital than ever! Click here to make a donation today!

Here is a snapshot of some of our programs and services that your donations support:

  • People need information to make informed choices. Every day, ASM responds to phone and e-mail inquiries from people affected by autism seeking information, resources, and referrals. ASM fields over 2,250 phone calls annually from family members, individuals, providers and other professionals. Over the last year, more than 13,000 autism informational documents and other materials were sent out.
  • ASM's Autism Information Specialists across Maine offer information and resources directly to families, schools, the workplace and the community. They foster empathy, understanding, and compassion for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Over the last year, more than 850 AIS service hours have been provided. Especially in a rural state like ours, expanding our reach though our AIS program is critical.
  • ASM conducts trainings, workshops and presentations to law enforcement organizations. Over the last year, over 60 hours of combined service trainings were conducted, reaching well over 600 professionals.
  • Our lending library is the largest ASD collection in the state, with over 800 titles. Over the last year, over 200 books, videos or tapes were shared, often by U.S. mail (return postage provided) in order to reach even those Maine families impacted by autism who live great distances from our office in Central Maine.
  • Twenty-four families attended our Family Retreat weekend this past summer, with 47 siblings, children, and adults on the spectrum. Parents attended workshops and/or enjoyed some rest and relaxation while their children were cared for by respite providers. The children had the opportunity to make crafts, swim, and play games in the gym or just hang out with friends.
  • Twenty-four campers participated in our summer camp in August. Children engaged in arts and crafts, outdoor play, swimming, field trips and many other activities to provide the children with opportunities for social learning.
  • We are increasing our community outreach and education efforts. We recently upgraded our website, which now receives over 18,000 unique visitors and 250,000 page views per year. We recently redesigned our newsletter, which now reaches 4,500 addresses quarterly/18,000 annually. In addition to information on our programs and events, our newsletter now also includes a new community focus, with articles on individuals and families impacted by autism and their challenges and successes, articles on volunteers, more in-depth information on legislative happenings both at the state and national level.
  • ASM monitors legislation in Maine that could impact those with autism and perform advocacy through the work of our volunteer Board of Directors and community members. In 2009, ASM testified on a dozen bills being heard at the Statehouse. Of these, four of our priority bills were enacted into law, and two others are carrying over to the upcoming session. We have added a new section to our legislative area of our website, which enables folks to keep up-to-date on recent and pending state and federal legislation and empowers them to participate in the legislative process. Using our new bulk e-mail distribution capability, this year we disseminated legislative e-mail action alerts to our list of over 1,300 community members to enlist their advocacy. Also, through the Autism Society at the national level, we maintain a strong voice on Capitol Hill to shape federal policy that provides benefits, supports, and services across the lifespan for all affected by autism.

It is a productive and rewarding time at the Autism Society of Maine. Please help us continue our efforts to improve the lives of all those impacted by autism in Maine. Click here to make a donation today!