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Parent and Family Caregiver Survey

I am a graduate student working with Dr. Eun-Jeong Lee, an Associate Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology.  We're trying to learn more about the experiences and wellbeing of parents and other family caregivers of individuals with ID, DD, or ASD.  We are especially interested in hearing from parents and caregivers who provide care for individuals between the ages of 13-25, during the transition to adulthood.  As part of the study we are trying to recruit family caregivers for an anonymous 45-60 minute online survey.  All participants have the option to enter a raffle to win $20 Amazon gift cards.  If you like, I could also send you a PDF flyer for the survey. 

The link to the survey is:

Please let me know if you have any questions about the study or if you would be willing to share it with others.  I can also be reached at (573) 268-3136.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Melissa Ivins-Lukse

Clinical Psychology PhD Student

Rehabilitation Specialization Track
Illinois Institute of Technology