Winthrop, Maine 1-800-273-5200

5th Annual Softball Tournament

This is a Co-Ed Softball Tournament. Each team needs a minimum of 10 players with maximum 13 players. Teams need to have a team captain with contact information for the team. If you get sponsors their logo will go on the back of the T-shirts. There is a form for sponsorships and a team form. The team that raises the most money above the entry fee will be presented with a plaque. Space is limited to only 12 teams so get your team together now!

Volunteer Information
Would you like to help out with this event?  There are volunteer opportunities for setting up and activities for the event. We will need food vendors, referees, generators, etc.

If you think your interested in participating in this tournament please contact the Autism Society of Maine for the forms at 1-800-273-5200 or
Proceeds from this event will benefit the Autism Society of Maine.