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Research Opportunity for Parents of Children with Autism

Fill out an online survey about your child’s language and earn an Amazon gift card!

What is the study about?
We are interested in how children use pronouns and ask questions in their everyday speech. By learning more about these processes, we may be able to contribute to a
better understanding of language development and impairment and the design of more effective intervention programs and therapies to support language learning.

Who is eligible?
We are looking for parents of children who…

• hear primarily English in the home
• are under 6 years of age
• use words to communicate
• have a diagnosis of autism

What will I do?
The study involves two short online surveys that can be taken from any location on a
desktop or laptop computer. These surveys will focus on your child’s demographics,
daily activities, and language use. The first survey will take approximately 10 minutes to
complete. You will receive the second part of the survey 1-­2 days later. This will take
20-­30 minutes to complete. If you choose to provide your mailing address, as a token of
appreciation, you will receive an $8 Amazon gift card.
To see if you qualify, please visit

If you have any questions, please email us at You can
also take a look at our website,