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Check Fraud Committed Against The Autism Society

This afternoon the Autism Society discovered a widespread attempt to defraud our organization. Someone has developed false checks bearing our name and account number, and has sent a significant number of checks in varying amounts to individuals around the nation. The sender asked them to cash or deposit the check and send money back to a person who claims to be part of the Autism Society using a false address. The Autism Society never sends checks to individuals unless they are employees of our organization, or individuals that have provided a service to us which was pre-approved and paid only upon demonstration that the pre-approved work occurred at the lowest level of cost.

If you have already received, or in the future recieve a check in the mail with our name on it , please do not cash or deposit the check and please do not send any money back to someone as part of this fraud. We have notified the FBI and are asking anyone who gets a false check with our name on it to immediately notify their local police department, and to file an online FBI Report at Due to the highest level of accountability, we discovered this fraud attempt quickly, and absolutely no funds have been lost by The Autism Society. We want to make sure that if you get a check with the name Autism Society or Autism Society of America on it, you do not cash or deposit it as part of this fraud. Rest assured we will pursue the person or people behind this effort, and ensure that they are found and fully prosecuted.

Statement by Autism Society of America, July 29, 2016